Fuel tanks

FuelStation fuel tanks are the optimal solution for the storage and internal
distribution of diesel fuel. It is used wherever diesel engines are used:
tractors, trucks and passenger cars, agricultural and construction machines,
forklifts, etc.

Ergonomic distribution box equipped with a door, thanks to the unique
method of assembly, protects the tank against mechanical damage during
transport. In addition, it significantly strengthens the structure of the tank.
The optimal color of the material makes it easy to keep the tank clean and
reduces the fading effect.
The structure is made of high-quality, non-corrosive polyethylene with UV
stabilization. The material used is resistant to weather conditions, and the
reinforced structure consisting of five rings has much better strength

The use of a double-walled, reinforced construction, the so-called the tank in the tank protects the stored fuel against leakage. The tank is equipped with a fuel level indicator, with leakage control and interstitial space monitoring system. A set of filters and valves guarantee safe operation.

Thanks to the tanks, you gain:

  • Fuel “on site and in stock”.
  • Possibility to purchase fuel at wholesale prices.
  • Full control of the amount of fuel dispensed in the company.
  • Supervision over the quality of the supplied fuel.
  • System mobility – easy to transport with a forklift or crane.

Fuel tanks are equipped with:

  • Fuel pump (230V) with a capacity of 72 l / min,
  • Digital flow meter, dual-function with the possibility of calibration,
  • Automatic dispenser with a 6 m distribution hose,
  • Ball shut-off valve,
  • Suction hose secured with a mesh filter and a non-return valve,
  • Lockable 16 ″ access hatch in outer sheath of fuel tanks,
  • Wireless leak detector with an integrated fuel level indicator,
  • Lockable inner sheath infusion with vent valve,
  • 16 diameter inspection cover in inner sheath,
  • Ground connection,
Capacity (l)1340235025005000

UDT (OTI) approval

The design of the tank complies with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of September 18, 2001 on the technical conditions of technical inspection to be met by pressureless and low-pressure tanks intended for the storage of flammable liquids.



10-year manufacturer’s warranty for the tightness of the tank.
2-year warranty on accessories.



The tank is made in Poland.

Information on fuel storagecheck

We kindly inform you that the Office of Technical Inspection has launched the eUDT online customer portal available at https://eudt.gov.pl/

REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR AND ADMINISTRATION of 7 June 2010 on fire protection of buildings, other construction facilities and areas.