The purpose of the “FLOTA” program, which we have implemented at our
petrol stations, is to improve service, refueling control and the possibility of
managing fuel expenses by carriers.

Benefits of having a PETRODOM fleet card:

  1. Shorter driver service time at the station
  2. Less number of documents
  3. Security
    Driver / vehicle identification using fleet cards (card can be assigned to a
    vehicle or driver).
  4. Full control
    Access to refueling history and the ability to create multiple statements,
    access to invoices, ongoing control of settlements and balances.
  5. Access to the network of „Petrodom” petrol stations
    Refueling with a fleet card at all „Petrodom” petrol stations.
    Please prepare a list of vehicles (or drivers) to generate fleet cards. Next,
    you will be contacted by the FLOTA program manager, who will generate
    cards and access to the customer panel where the history of refueling,
    settlements and all documents will be displayed.

Information about the FLOTA program is available from the manager of each „Petrodom” petrol station and:

Artur Mróz – Fleet Customer Consultant
mobile: +48 692 445 109,
e-mail: flota@petrodom.pl
„Petrodom” petrol stations